Registered under S.R.A. of 1860 Government of India ALL JAPAN SHITO RYU SEIKO KAI  KARATE-DO INDIA

Approved by All India Karate Do federation (Recognized by Government of India  AKF &WKF).

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Yashpal Singh Kalsi

He studied Shotokan, Gojo-Ryu, Shito-Ryu and Itosu-Ryu, .holding Black Belt 2nd Dan from ALL INDIA KARATE-DO FEDERATION and Black Belt 3rd Dan from Shito-Ryu. For the last 17 years he won some championships of national and state levels. He also participated in International events and seminars by world grandmasters,  he is an official karate instructor in Delhi, trying to promote the art of KARATE the among the people of Delhi especially the younger generation. and still practicing under the guidance and supervision of his Respected Sensei/ teachers.




 Black Belt 2nd  Dan from All India Karate-Do Federation (AIKF), Recognized by government of INDIA

 Black Belt 3rd Dan form Alan Thilak Karate School International, Chennai,

Black Belt 1st Dan from Indian martial arts academy


  WORLD AGNI KEMPO ORGANIZATION: - 7 Days seminar on martial arts attended, June 2004 in the capital city of UKRAINE, EUROPE.

WORLD AGNI KEMPO ORGANIZATION: - 7 days seminar attended along with students.  January 2004, in the capital city of UKRAINE, EUROPE.

 ITOSU RYU KARATE DO KAI INDIA: - A one Day karate training camp was attended under the Japanese grandmaster Soke Sadaki Sagami


NI DAN member of  ALL INDIA KARATE-DO FEDERATION (Recognized by government of INDIA)

 Executive official member of KARATE-DO ASSOCIATION OF DELHI only official body for Delhi


  •  Instructor :- Martial art association of Delhi

  • Instructor Shito Ryu Karate-Do association of Delhi

  • Instructor Karate-do Association of Delhi



Training experience more than 8 years in reputed schools , organizations and services in Delhi

Won many state level and national championships

interviews and news published in the major newspapers and magazines

Articles of martial arts published in martial arts publications in INDIA.